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Girls would take 100 shots and a very few shots will make it to posting. In general, only one
will make it to posting. That is us, girls. When I take my #OOTD shots randomly using my
smartphone, my husband can take up countless shots before I get contented with the
pictures. I have learned my angles especially when posing in camera but sometimes, if it is
a random shot using my smartphone, my best angles aren't convincing enough. But looking
good is not just about your appearance because I believe that if you have a beautiful mind
and heart, the beauty radiates from within and that where the confidence comes from.
Agree? Whatever size you are, small or big, it's how you wear that self-confidence. I am
moved by ROSEGAL because as they celebrate their 5th anniversary, they give us
customers a chance to share our story to inspire girls everywhere. And there's nothing
better than receiving shopping points and a chance to win $50 by sharing your story. Agree?

I already join with #iamwhoiam and shared my story. For every sharing of your story, you
should upload a photo also. For every successful and approved posting, it will get you to
earn 100 points ($2) and you can post as many as you want. Sounds exciting, yes? What's
not to like if you will earn an EXTRA $50 cash coupon? Click here #iamwhoiam


1.) Earn 100 Points each time. (50 Points = $1)
2.) Awesome Show members will earn an EXTRA $50 Cash Coupon within one week after
the event.
3.) Coupon valid for one month, you can check the points or coupons in your account.
4.) Rosegal remains the right of the final explanation. If you have any issues, please contac
t our support center.

When posting your photo, make sure it will not exceed 5MB to avoid repeating and trying.
For every successful posting of your story, this pop-up box will confirm that 100 points were
added to your account. It is that easy, girls! Then, invite your friends to like your photos.
The more likes you gathered, the more chances of winning the $50 cash coupon. I can't
wait for my shared story to get approved and see how many of my friends will like it. If they
will not hit the "like", I will un-friend them. Oh, just kidding!

I totally noticed that the inspired videos are of the plus size influencers. I enjoyed watching all
the videos. I find it very inspiring and they're all beautiful. Salute to Rosegal for this amazing
promotion of #iamwhoiam. It's really true that anyone can be sexy and anyone can wea
r what he or she wants. Fashion is not limited to the skinny body, always remember that
. I remember my friend that I got to know 8 years ago. She is nice and very kind. She always
treats me to dinner and spa before. For other people’s eyes, and me, she is beautiful. But I
think she didn't know that or better say; she doesn't believe that every time a compliment has
been expressed towards her. She is a plus size and she never realized that sometimes I
envy her voluptuous body especially in the chest department. Haha! I always asked her
to give me some of it, which we always end up laughing. She has a beautiful heart and
that's why I have mentioned above that it's the beauty of the heart that radiates from within.
I can say that I've helped her in terms of gaining her self-confidence and I am proud of that.
Care to share your story? We are all eyes and ears for it.

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  1. Fajna promocja!
    pozdrawiam serdecznie znad filiżanki kawy:)

  2. Thanks a lot :D

    ooohn, good news my friend :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  3. Love this, such a great way to inspire others!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Mega promocja kochana :-) Miłego tygodnia :-)

  5. great promotion!!

    kisses dear

  6. This is a great tactic but mostly a way to inspire another through our stories. thanks for sharing

  7. Bardzo fajna promocja i na pewno jest w czym wybierać :)

  8. What a wonderful information!!
    I feel your friend is so beautiful, and It is so heart-warming story :)